1. Take care of the property and use it in a responsible way
  2. Pay the rent on time
  3. Inform the landlord of any problems or disrepair in the property
  4. Keep to the terms of the tenancy agreement
  5. Ensure any electrical or gas appliances you bring to the property are safe
  6. Respect your other housemates
  7. Do not use items that belong to another housemate without prior permission
  8. Respect your neighbours
  9. Keep the noise level down after 11pm
  10. Be considerate when going or coming home late at night, by not talking loudly outdoors or slamming doors
  11. On waste collection days, put the appropriate rubbish bin out, and bring it back to the property after collection
  12. Keep the garden clean and tidy
  13. Ensure all doorways/exits, are kept clear in case of an emergency
  14. Do not cause intentional or careless damage to the property
  15. Strictly NO smoking in the property
  16. Candles should not be used
  17. Please keep the property clean and tidy, and ensure that you ventilate the house properly; poor ventilation will result in mould
  18. Strictly NO pets allowed