Please help your cleaner by preparing for the fortnightly clean as follows:

  • Ensure the kitchen work surfaces are clear & tidy and there are no pots in the sink/draining rack
  • Ensure all old/outdated food is removed from the Fridge Freezers
  • Ensure all personal possessions are tidied away into cupboards where possible
  • Ensure floors are clear of belongings, and washing is tidied away or hanging on the clothes maidens provided so that they can be easily lifted
  • Ensure rubbish is emptied and placed into the outside bins

Please be mindful that the purpose of the fortnightly clean is to maintain a good standard of cleanliness in the house, however, all tenants are responsible for cleaning up after themselves on an ongoing basis, to keep shared areas clean and tidy for fellow house sharers.


Your Cleaner WILL NOT:

  • Wash dishes: If you leave dishes in the sink, they will be stacked next to the sink to allow the cleaner to clean the sink and work surfaces as best they can
  • Take out the rubbish: If you leave rubbish in the bin, the bag will be tied to allow the cleaner to clean the bin as best they can
  • Fold washing: If you leave washing lying around the house, it will be scooped up and put into a pile to allow access to surfaces which need to be cleaned
  • Clear away belongings: If you leave your belongings around the house, they will be moved to one side to allow the cleaner to clean as best they can, but the standard of cleaning will be impacted if surfaces cannot be reached due to clutter