Our online application process is designed to be simple and straight forward, allowing you the ability to complete your application from the convenience of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer. We also offer the facility for you to visit our office during business hours to complete your application. Should you not have access to the internet, then we can also provide hard copy application forms for you to complete by hand.

As part of the application process we may;

  • Obtain references from a previous landlord
  • Request bank statements from you
  • Obtain an employment reference
  • Carryout Credit Checks
  • Assess your application for affordability
  • Liaise with the Landlord with any queries you may have
  • Prepare contracts and full check-in documentation

Our application process is typically completed within 5 workings days, once all the requested information is provided. Should you require a faster process, then please let us know at the time of applying so we can discuss how we may be able to do this.

Please note: Application Fees are no longer charged following the Tenant Fees Act in England, which came into effect from 1st June 2019. The Bill is now an Act of Parliament and known as the Tenant Fees Act 2019. 

Security Deposits

We may ask you for a Security Deposit for your application. This will be protected by a 3rd party, government approved deposit protection scheme within 30 days of the start of your tenancy.

Should your application be Declined or you decide to withdraw from your application and not start a tenancy, then this will be refunded back to you.

Holding Deposits

We may ask you for a Holding Deposit for your application. The purpose of the Holding Deposit is as follows;

  • To secure the property for you: The property is withdrawn from the market and viewings are cancelled whilst the application process is carried out.
  • Part payment of  your initial rent: The Holding Deposit becomes part of your first rental payment, so you only need to pay the balance of your first rental payment on or before the start of the tenancy.

The Holding Deposits that we charge at the start of your application, are as follows;

  • Property: £100
  • Room: £60
Other Considerations
    1. Unless other arrangements have been agreed in writing, then Holding Deposits should be paid when you intend to commence your tenancy start date within 15 days of making the payment.
    2. If you fail to provide all the requested information, withhold information, or provide inaccurate information which results in your application being Declined, then the Holding Deposit will be retained by the Agency.
    3. If you withdraw from your application or delay the start of your tenancy beyond the agreed start date (usually within 15 days), then the Agency reserves the right to Decline your application and retain the Holding Deposit.

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