Step 1 – Text Notification

During our Business Hours we will issue an SMS notification to tenants.

HMO – For shared houses we will provide a minimum of 2 hours notice
Single Lets – For single/family let properties we will provide a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Please note: the SMS will be sent from our text messaging system for which we can only assume successful delivery.

Step 2 – PPE

Our agents will wear disposable gloves before entering a property. We will endeavour to maintain social distancing of 2 meters from tenants and for this reason we request that tenants either vacate the property. In the case of a HMO property, tenants can choose to remain in their rooms.

Step 3 РPre-Viewing preparation

When we access the property for Viewings we will open up the necessary doors in the property in preparation for the viewing – this is to avoid unnecessary contact made by prospective tenant on door handles etc. We will meet with the prospective tenant outside the property and provide disposable gloves which we will insist that they wear. We will explain how we intend to move through the property. We will carryout the viewing with the prospective tenant, whilst maintaining social distancing of 2 meters. We will endeavour to reduce the amount of time spent inside the property during the viewing, so further discussions will take place outside of the property.

Step 4 – Post-Viewing steps

We will close and lock rooms and doors as necessary to ensure fire safety and security is maintained, before leaving the property.

After leaving the property, gloves used during the viewing will be removed and retained by the user, and then appropriately disposed of .