During the Covid-19 pandemic we will continue to review our procedure for carryout property cleans, whether this be for interim or end of stay/tenancy cleans. The following is intended to make both current guests and tenants aware of the steps we will be taking in everyone’s interests, including our cleaning team.

We will continue to monitor legislative changes and the UK government guidance from the Ministry of Housing and Public Health England and update this page accordingly.

The below information has been updated based on the current Covid Alert Level for the area;

Interim Property Cleans

Following Government guidance we will only carryout Property Cleans when we’re advised it is safe to do so. Should it be possible to arrange interim cleaning whilst guest and tenants are living at a property, then we will advise guests/tenants of a start and end date/time.

Social Distancing

In order to continue to follow social distancing measures and whilst working in confined spaces, guests/tenants must either;

a. leave the property for duration of the clean (prior to the start and returning after the end time)
b. in the case of HMO’s where guests/tenants rooms will not be cleaned, it is possible that you can remain in your room. However, please consider the duration of the clean for which you must remain in your room. If your room doesn’t have an en-suite bathroom you may wish to vacate the property during the clean.

If either of these rules is not followed by guests/tenants then the cleaners will reserve the right to refuse cleaning and leave the property immediately, without returning.

Cleaners and PPE

Cleaners are provided with disposable gloves and may choose to open doors and windows in the property to provide sufficient ventilation during the cleaning period.