HMO Strategy Day Crewe

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
SG-HMOSDCHMO Strategy Day CreweAnt & PhilSaturday 13th February 20169:00pm

Build your HMO Strategy with Ant & Phil in Crewe on this HMO Strategy Day

HMO Strategy Day Overview

This is your personal mentoring day with Crewe’s experienced HMO property investors Antony Garnett & Phil Staniforth of SG Property Group. Understand the HMO business from the ground up and build a strategy that is tailored for you. Join us on The Backlot Tour of our HMO properties whilst in operation, and check out our latest refurb projects.

Why HMO?

Let’s start with why a HMO strategy is right for you and learn why it worked for us.

HMO Basics

  • The HMO Rules and Regulations that every HMO investor must know
  • The key considerations for HMO Investing
  • HMO Financials made simple – the outgoings and returns on your HMO property investment
  • Systemising your HMO property business – gain control with reduced effort

Your HMO Niche

  • A deep-dive into the HMO markets – which model is right for you
  • Understanding the property types and suitability for HMO’s in your Market Location
  • Let’s take a detailed look at your Market Location and find the streets right for your HMO strategy

HMO Refurbishments

  • Why refurbishments are key to every successful HMO
  • The requirements you must consider and those specific to Cheshire East
  • Refurb works required – let’s take a look at the potential costs and timescales
  • How to ensure your refurb project goes to plan, within budget and how to minimise your opportunity costs

The HMO Backlot Tour

  • Come with us on a tour of one of our Professional HMO’s and Student HMO’s whilst in full operation!
  • Take a look at one of our HMO refurbishment projects currently underway

Your HMO Strategy

  • Let us build a HMO strategy that is right for you
  • Defining your Goals and Objectives for the 12 months ahead
  • Summary – Your HMO Investment Strategy and how to stay on track